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See Supply Chain in a New Way

Vision® Object Recognition (VOR) revolutionizes the supply chain industry with its groundbreaking, end-to-end multi-system artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This innovative solution provides a comprehensive view of supply chains by utilizing advanced machine learning to significantly improve operational efficiencies.

Vision® Object Recognition

VOR allows businesses to maximize order accuracy while reducing employee time and effort. This straightforward technology can be deployed as one solution or an entire suite – providing maximum efficiency.


Validate Accuracy

SKU Verification

Our advanced AI deep learning technology together with a custom integrated pallet wrapper.

  • Automate order accuracy verification
  • Eliminate manual audits
  • Identify mis-picks and overages before loading
  • Reduce special selections
  • Decrease restocking warehouse 
  • Picker/DC selection accuracy metrics

Precise Delivery

Load Validation

Verifies the pallet is loaded correctly, on the correct truck, and in proper sequence.

  • Eliminate Hot Shot Deliveries
  • Speeds up pallet unloading at delivery
  • Improves pallet loading efficiency

Visible Confirmation

In-Store Delivery

Visual confirmation at point of delivery ensures orders are correct every time.

  • Single pic of any one side 
  • SKU level comparison 
  • Errors show on pic list 
  • Improve check-in speeds
  • Enhance customer satisfaction 
  • Optimize delivery routes 
  • Mitigate theft

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