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Greater Insight into the Supply Chain

At Rehrig Pacific, we look for ways to improve operations and usher in a new era of safer solutions, faster deliveries, and complete transparency. Vision® Technology IoT connected devices do just that by providing real-time data to ensure visibility into supply chain processes, helping stakeholders make informed decisions quickly and enabling greater efficiency in operations across the board.

Vision® Technology & Fusion
Work Together, Great Things Happen

Experience supply chain optimization like never before with Delivery IoT. Rehrig Pacific's Vision® Technology and Fusion™ Solutions unlock unprecedented levels of insight so you can easily tag pallets, monitor shipments in real-time, and manage deliveries – all while saving time, money, and valuable resources.

Vision® Technology

IoT connectivity collects real-time data to enhance transparency.


A diverse portfolio of material handling lifts and sleds with IoT connectivity.


Working Together

Fusion™ Duo Lift with IoT Connectivity 

The Fusion Duo lift with IoT connectivity gives you real-time data about the lift and operator performance. It provides organizations visibility into delivery metrics like location and movement, route and stop time spent, and machine performance.

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IoT Connectivity enabled devices collect real-time data to improve efficiency 

Tracking allows routes and stops to be optimized, increasing timely deliveries and output 

Less trips to the store mean fewer trucks on the road, reducing your carbon footprint 

Smart-enabled lifts provide alerts to the user for recommended maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime 


Real-Time Insight is invaluable

By gaining real-time updates on a fleet's status and operations, it enables management to be proactive and make changes on-the-spot when needed. 


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