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As experts in e-commerce supply chain needs, we recognize the importance of innovation, product engineering and development. At Rehrig Pacific, our experience, manufacturing knowledge, and cost-effective solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of e-commerce, whether partnering with major retailers or collaborating with integrators.

Elevating E-commerce Efficiency

Our innovative bins, totes, and pallets redefine durability and adaptability, surpassing conventional wooden options in terms of safety and sustainability. These products are designed for efficiency, offering a uniform, stackable system that simplifies inventory management, maximizes storage, and streamlines the movement of goods through all stages of the supply chain. As your strategic partner, we extend our offerings to include custom-designed products tailored for automation. 


More Sustainable, More Responsible 

Our dedication to environmental responsibility is evident with our fully recyclable and reusable plastic products, made from post-consumer materials that can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle. In contrast to single-use cardboard boxes and other packaging materials, our plastic products are built for durability and repeated use, significantly reducing reliance on disposable packaging and lowering waste output. Furthermore, our carefully engineered totes, bins, and pallets are created to enhance transportation efficiency, allowing more products to be transported per truckload, decreasing carbon emissions, and facilitating a more sustainable approach to reverse logistics and returns management.
Adaptive Design 

Our adaptable plastic solutions feature smart design elements like barcodes and RFID placements for effortless tracking. Tailored to meet specific branding requirements, they have options for hot-stamping or molded-in logos and are available in various colors. 

Engineered for Safety

Our range of totes, bins, and pallets are designed with safety in mind, featuring ergonomic handles, lightweight materials for ease of lifting, smooth edges, and ventilation or drainage capabilities to avoid moisture collection, condensation, or potential damage. 


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