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Plastic pallets are the stronger, safer, and more sustainable solution. We aim to be your trusted advisor for all pallet needs.

Redefining Pallet Innovation

Our extensive range of nestable, stackable, and rackable plastic pallet options are meticulously crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using advanced high-pressure injection molding, resulting in exceptional strength while remaining lightweight. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our use of post-consumer recycled materials during production, and our pallets are fully recyclable once their lifespan is complete.

photo of pallet expanded to see layers
photo of different heights of pallets

img_SUSTAINABILITY_logo_only_web.png  Sustainable on Multiple Levels

As a plastics manufacturer, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and can use the highest percentage of recycled content in our pallets. We can even custom-source the recycled material we build your pallets out of so our customers can attain closed-loop sustainable systems.

With eight strategically located plants across North America, we offer the shortest freight lanes for improved carbon footprints for our customers. We design our products to nest and stack efficiently for transportation and storage savings.



We’ve designed specialized plastic pallets to accommodate specific products, such as glass bottles and cans, for various industries, such as dairy, beer, and manufacturing. Our plastic pallet range includes fire-resistant options and intelligent features like RFID, barcodes, and serial numbers.



Our plastic pallets undergo rigorous tests to ensure durability and are designed for seamless integration into automated systems. Engineered with ergonomic features and moisture-resistant flow-through design, they reduce the risk of injuries and ensure secure handling.


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