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Delivery with Fusion™ Solutions

There is not another product on the market that can meet the needs of supply chain like Fusion™. As a diverse portfolio of material-handling delivery lifts and sleds with corresponding pallets, Fusion™ is made to improve not just operations, but the lives of drivers and delivery personnel.

Optimize Your Operations

Safer, Easier, Faster Deliveries

Managing the supply chain comes with challenges, but at Rehrig Pacific, we are always looking for a way to make things better. Enter Fusion™. These lifts and pallets work in tandem to increase delivery efficiency, ROI, and safety for a variety of industries.

Solutions for a Smarter Supply Chain
From farm to beverage to retail and everything in between, Fusion™ is ushering in an era of happier drivers, fewer injuries, and faster deliveries.

Fusion™ Material Handling

Fusion™ Duo Lift
Fusion™ Hybrid Sled
Fusion™ GS Merchandiser Sled

Fusion™ Duo Pallets

19 x 47.5 and 20.75 x 47.5

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