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Bread Trays

Bakery trays for bread and beyond

Safeguarding Quality with Every Bread Tray

At Rehrig Pacific, we understand the importance of quality, safety, and efficiency in your operations. Our trays for bakery and beyond are engineered to meet the diverse needs of delicate products. Crafted to protect buns, rolls, and artisanal breads, our commercial baking trays minimize damage and uphold the highest quality and safety standards. Whether for bakeries or other industries, our versatile plastic tray solutions cater to a wide range of requirements with various sizes and merchandiser options.

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Our Extensive Portfolio Includes:

  • Our stackable bread trays are plastic trays that have a solid platform on their base.

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Overcoming Bakery Industry Challenges

The bakery industry faces numerous challenges in today's dynamic market landscape, including evolving consumer preferences, intense competition, fluctuating ingredient costs, labor shortages, regulatory compliance, rising operational costs, the need for technology integration, and environmental concerns. Rehrig Pacific's bakery and bread trays are designed to help bakeries navigate these challenges, offering solutions that enhance product protection, improve efficiency, and support sustainability.



Maximizing Efficiency with Rehrig Pacific Trays


Our solutions offer a practical way to significantly cut down expenses tied to single-use packaging materials. By investing in our durable, multi-purpose bread trays, businesses can enjoy long-term savings.


Our plastic bread trays are engineered for safety. The robust design ensures the freshness and quality of bakery goods by providing superior protection against damage during storage and transit. 


Designed with efficiency in mind, our commercial bakery trays are stackable and space-efficient, simplifying storage and handling. These features allow for a streamlined operation, facilitating more accessible transport.


Bakery Tray Products

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25.8 X 21.6 X 4.6 Double Layer Roll Tray
25.8 X 21.6 X 5.9 Artisan Roll Tray
29 X 26 HBB Bakery Dolly

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