When you’ve been in the business of moving things as long as we have, we have the insight to come up with solutions that really work. Today, we build a wide variety of secondary packaging products – pallets, crates, containers, pails, trays, and totes – for diverse industries such as beverage, bakery, and agriculture. Whether you’re a family farm looking for a better way to harvest peaches or a leading soft drink manufacturer who needs to rethink your entire delivery system, we have the answer.


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Sustainability Is at Our Core

Sustainability is at our core. At Rehrig Pacific we are committed to providing sustainable solutions for a global supply chain by creating our products from high quality recycled materials that retain their quality and value over many trips and life cycles. Join us.


Strengthen your supply chain while saving the planet.

The modern supply chain can’t merely be efficient, it has to be sustainable to boot. At our core, Rehrig Pacific is ahead of the game: our injection-molded plastic products last ten times as long as conventional products and are recyclable as well as reusable. We take it even further. We are building pallets out of recycled ocean plastics and beverage shells out of recycled PET plastic bottles, so that our customers can craft their own custom closed-loop systems. We’re pioneering new software and mechanical solutions that help customers keep drivers and minimize pollution. If you’re working on a nasty gridlock between sustainability and efficiency, our best-in-class engineers can help you find a way to enhance both.

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