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Unveiling the Future of Supply Chain Efficiency: Rehrig Pacific at MODEX

Join Us at Modex 2024

March 11 - 14, Atlanta, GA
Hall A, Booth #A11718

MODEX 2024 stands out as a premier gathering for over 45,000 forward-thinking manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation professionals seeking to elevate their operations. As an industry leader in end-to-end supply chain solutions, Rehrig Pacific will be at this event to demonstrate how we can help revolutionize the supply chain landscape.


End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions span from sustainably crafted returnable plastic products, including pallets, totes, and crates, to material handling equipment, lifts, and sleds. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge software for tracking and tracing returnable assets, ensuring a seamless end-to-end experience for our valued partners.

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  • Returnable plastic pallets, crates, totes, and bins designed for automation.

Vision® Object Recognition 

Our AI-enabled Vision® Object Recognition (VOR) revolutionizes supply chains with groundbreaking end-to-end technology. It offers a comprehensive overview of deliveries, enhancing accuracy, reducing processing time, and maximizing efficiency through advanced machine learning. Achieve 99.9% order accuracy, increased throughput, minimized product loss, reduced mispicks, improved quality control, and enhanced trust with customers.

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Fusion™ Material Handling

Our Fusion™ Duo Lift and Duo Merchandiser set new industry standards and optimize delivery operations. Specifically tailored to modern supply chain demands, our Fusion™ material handling solutions ensure swift and safe delivery amidst evolving store layouts and tight schedules. Enhanced maneuverability, portability, and safety features guarantee efficient operations, complemented by real-time tracking for enhanced visibility.

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Fusion Duo Lift

Fusion™ Duo Lift

The industry's first adjustable fork tine lift enables two jobs in one lift.

Fusion Duo Lift

Fusion™ Duo Merchandiser 

Simplifying in-store merchandising and promotes new “drop and go” method of delivery.



Harnessing our design expertise, our returnable transport offerings include RFID-enabled solutions thoughtfully designed for seamless integration into customized systems. Our plastic products are meticulously crafted for space efficiency, easy stacking, and seamless integration with automation systems.

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Pallets, totes, and crates can be equipped for improved inventory visibility, asset tracking, and enhanced security.

Tailored Solutions
Customized supply chain solutions to meet the unique requirements and challenges of various industries.

Design Features
Textured bases for stability and slip prevention that ensure stability on various types of conveyors.

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Rehrig Pacific is a trusted advisor to leading e-commerce partners, offering solutions tailored for automation and robotic applications. With a focus on innovation and product development, our expertise and cost-effective solutions address the unique requirements of e-commerce, catering to major retailers and integrators alike.

Versatile Bins
Crafted to achieve reduced weight, heightened strength, and durability.

Adaptable Totes
Easily stackable, nestable, and compatible with automated systems.

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Are You Ready for a Future-Proof Supply Chain?

Visit our booth at MODEX 2024 to explore firsthand how our innovative solutions can empower your business to navigate the complexities of modern delivery. Together, we can move towards a more agile, efficient, and transparent supply chain.