About Us

A history of looking to the future.

The Rehrig Pacific Story

Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific’s scientific curiosity and nearly-molecular attention to detail has made us the industry leader in pallets, waste and recycling containers and supply chain solutions.

Going back to the very first days of the company, the big brains at Rehrig Pacific have never been content to just put stuff in crates and pallets and waste containers. Instead, for every type of product and every stage of the supply chain, our team considers things like height and weight and density and gravity and inertia and torque and friction and speed and efficiency and, well, everything.

From the first product we created, a part for an early battery design, we’ve used an unbroken chain of obsessive thinking to improve every product and solve every problem. By digging far below the surface of supply chain and waste and recycling challenges and applying knowledge of all the forces and materials involved, Rehrig Pacific sees solutions where no one else does. That’s the power of physics. And Rehrig Pacific.

Our History

Our Mission and Values

Over 100 Years of Experience

Since 1913, Rehrig Pacific has always had a modern attitude—futuristic, even. Our expertise in the physics of materials led us to develop reusable plastics back in the 60s before recycling was even a thing. Our mastery of the science of the supply chain and waste and recycling processes today delivers sophisticated RFID tracking, unparalleled safety and efficiency.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

We employ engineering fanatics who love polymers, particles and pallets. We also employ incredibly reliable and dedicated customer service professionals who will do everything they can to make sure you’re getting everything out of your partnership with us. In fact, we’re famous for it.

Constant Innovation

Innovation is part science and part attitude. We will never rest in our pursuit of the best possible way to ship an apple, protect a waste collector’s lower back or cube out a truck. The lab does the designs, but we all take pride in the results.

Supplying supply chain reusable packaging and waste and recycling container solutions around the world.


We love efficiency. It’s mathematically elegant. It proves that our methods, products and solutions work. And it’ll save you money while saving the planet too. Almost all of our products are recyclable, and most are made of recycled materials. What’s more, you can turn in old and damaged products for a credit toward new ones. And our sophisticated tracking systems reduce waste and loss.

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Trade Shows

Our customers know the excellence of our products, solutions and service. But trade shows are where we get to show off the science, smarts and innovation behind the work we do. Rehrig Pacific participates in over 20 50 national and regional trade shows a year in all kinds of industries requiring supply chain and waste and recycling solutions.

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If you love looking at a problem from every possible angle to come up with unusual and forward-thinking solutions, you might be a good fit here. We’re looking for smart (and nice!) folks to do great work in engineering, sales and manufacturing. Come join the Rehrig Pacific family.

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