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Recycling Carts Coming to 95,000 Homes


Originally published on The Recycling Partnership

The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) today joined officials from Henrico, Hanover and Goochland counties, and national partners to celebrate the first deliveries of new recycling carts to 95,000 households.

“Manufacturing recycling carts from recycled content helps to create a closed and circular loop,” said Jonathan North, Vice President of Sustainability for Rehrig Pacific. “Residents should be proud of CVWMA’s commitment to using locally sourced recycled material that is now back in the region in 95,000 rolling carts, collecting even more recycled material.”

Cart delivery is anticipated to be complete by June 30. Residents can begin using the carts as soon as they receive them. All recyclables must be placed inside the cart, which will lead to safer and more efficient collections.

“This is an important milestone for curbside recyclers in Goochland County and our neighboring localities,” Goochland County Administrator Vic Carpenter said. “These new carts will not only provide our residents with greater access and opportunities to recycle, but they will also make it easier to contain material for pick up.”

“We’re very proud of Hanover’s high level of commitment to recycling. These carts will enable residents to recycle more efficiently,” Hanover County Administrator John A. Budesky said. “By improving our community’s recycling habits, we can help keep the environment clean and preserve our natural resources.”

“Henrico County is excited to provide 90,000 county homes with these recycling carts — at no cost to the recipients — and is grateful for the partnership of CVWMA on this initiative,” Henrico County Chief of Staff Cari Tretina said. “Recycling is an essential component of Henrico’s broader focus on environmental stewardship, including the use of renewable energy in county facilities and the launch of a reforestation program for our parks and schools. This is another investment in building a sustainable future for our residents and families.”

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