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Rehrig Pacific Strengthens Technological Footprint Through Acquisition of QTEK Design

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Los Angeles, CA (April 16, 2024) Rehrig Pacific, a global leader in logistics and material handling solutions, today announced the acquisition of QTEK Design, a provider of innovative logistics solutions specializing in machines for pallet splitting, exchanging, and dispensing. This strategic move underscores Rehrig Pacific's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower its customers to optimize operations and achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

QTEK Design has long been a valued partner of Rehrig Pacific, notably partnering with them to deliver the revolutionary DStacker, a groundbreaking RFID-enabled pallet dispensing solution. The integration of QTEK Design's impressive product portfolio, expertise, and technology into Rehrig Pacific's offerings is poised to accelerate innovation, alleviate warehouse inefficiencies, and drive transformative change across industries for their shared customers.

“With the acquisition of QTEK Design, we are taking a significant step forward in our journey toward increasing efficiencies from the warehouse to the store shelf," said Will Rehrig, CEO of Rehrig Pacific. "QTEK Design’s proven track record of delivering advanced automation solutions complements our commitment to providing best-in-class products and services. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and deliver game-changing solutions to our customers."

Integrating QTEK Design's pallet handling equipment into Rehrig Pacific's portfolio enhances its comprehensive solutions, amplifies the value proposition of its offerings, and provides a complete end-to-end solution for its customer base. This move solidifies Rehrig Pacific's position as a trusted advisor in the industry, empowering customers with tailored logistics solutions and leveraging QTEK Design's advanced automation to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability in operations.

"I am excited to announce that Rehrig Pacific has purchased QTEK Design, and I look forward to helping integrate the two families into one," said Paul Redman, President of QTEK Design. "The shared culture and commitment of Rehrig Pacific and QTEK Design to industry leadership make this merger particularly exciting. Together, we're poised to achieve even greater success and innovation."

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Rehrig Pacific is a leading manufacturer of integrated sustainable solutions for the supply chain and environmental waste industries. Their customer partners are a diverse list of industry leaders, including Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and delivery distributors. Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific offers an ecosystem of end-to-end solutions, including returnable plastic products, material handling delivery lifts and sleds, technology to track those assets, and a dedicated service team to ensure their longevity. Rehrig Pacific focuses on the customers’ needs and provides innovative solutions that are easily implemented and driven by a commitment to sustainability and safety while responsibly and effectively moving goods, services, and ideas through the global supply chain. Learn more at

QTEK Design stands as an industry leader in supplying material handling equipment utilized by warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing companies. Their distinctive products have garnered recognition from the North American Food and Beverage Industry as the "World's Best." Prioritizing the delivery of a safer work environment, increased productivity, and employee retention, QTEK Design remains dedicated to fulfilling their customers' most crucial needs. As the company ventures into the cold storage, retail, and pharmaceutical sectors, they are committed to expanding their brand and seizing opportunities for an enhanced product offering. Visit for more information.



Miles Bohannan, Rehrig Pacific SVP of Marketing & Communications