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Rehrig Pacific Wins Product Technology Award for Vision Object Recognition

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To read the entire article go to the Reusable Packing Association Website

Rehrig Pacific customer OK Produce, a fresh produce wholesaler based out of Fresno, California, won the Reusable System award for implementing a plastic pallet program in the distribution of perishable foods to their network of customers.  OK Produce has introduced the reusable pallet program to 90% of their customer base, achieving cost-reductions, operational efficiencies, and solid waste reductions.

Rehrig Pacific, a supplier of integrated sustainable solutions for logistics and delivery customers, including environmental waste and recycling, supply chain, and direct store delivery, wins the Product Technology award for their Vision Object Recognition (VOR) system. VOR offers warehouse customers an advanced technology solution featuring integrated components such as smart pallets, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve material handling, recordkeeping, inventory tracking, and quality control.