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Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Contract

Rehrig Pacific Company is a participating approved Vendor for all Sourcewell members. to provide a variety of plastic collection containers, unique software technology and services to Sourcewell and their participating entities that access Sourcewell’s cooperative purchasing contracts.

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Benefits of Sourcewell Contracts

National Purchasing

National contract purchasing provides considerable time and resource savings for participating Member agencies.

Streamline the Process

The Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract streamlines the contracting processes and maximizes efficiencies.

No Duplicate Work

With the Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract there is no need to establish and or duplicate bid documents or contract process.

Lower Impact

The Sourcewell cooperative purchasing contract reduces the impact of staff reductions and budget cuts.

The Sourcewell Advantage
Rehrig Pacific Company has partnered with Sourcewell to provide a compliant purchasing solution that satisfies a public bidding process.

What is the Value of Membership with Sourcewell? 

Membership establishes a legal paper trail between the Member agency and Sourcewell, justifying your contract purchasing decision. A Sourcewell Membership is at no-cost, no-obligation or liability to the agency. As a public agency, Sourcewell contracting process follows the same competitive bidding process required by our Members. Our Sourcewell contract leverages national volume pricing.

  • Ease and time saving benefits of purchasing through national leveraged contracts
  • Unique advantage to purchase exceptional quality products/equipment deserving of the agency