Or, as we like to call it, “efficiency.”

Imagine if every product in your life was a one-and-done. Done with that cup of coffee? Toss the whole coffee maker in the trash. Just finished that report? Junk your laptop and get another out of the machine in the break room. Made it back from the Grand Canyon? Time to blow up the car.

That might sound a bit melodramatic. But to us, retiring a pallet even the tiniest bit before it’s had the full life of service we designed it for is just as shocking. Our team lovingly calculated the durability of the polymers in that pallet, accounted for the effects of moisture and sun exposure, and built sophisticated mathematical models in order to make the longest-lasting product possible with modern technology.

It bugs us almost as much if that pallet doesn’t get recycled when it finally reaches the end of its long, long life.

You might be wondering, what’s all that got to do with my business? Well, our borderline unhealthy obsession with making lighter, stronger shipping and waste container products that last a very long time, reduce waste and save you money. It also saves the earth, which some people get excited about.

Many of our products are recyclable, which equals sustainability, which equals efficiency. When you’ve gotten every last bit of use out of a Rehrig Pacific product, you can turn it in and get credit for a future order. All of our products can be recycled into another Rehrig product at the end of its service. Good news: our recycling infrastructure supports cart, container and #2 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) reclamation. As Mom used to say, waste not, want not. And as the engineering professor used to say, here’s an enormous diagram of the exact composition of a thermoplastic polymer.

In addition to our buy-back program and reprocessing any of our own products, we’re trending to use nearly 60 MM pounds of recycled plastic coming from both post- industrial and post-consumer waste streams.

Our Zero Waste Production Processes ensure that all scrap resin, packaging and byproduct is reused in the manufacturing process. No resource used for production is wasted; we even recirculate cooling water used in our molds and reclaim our hydraulic fluid.

Our commitment to supply chain excellence and protecting your profits doesn’t stop at manufacturing shipping and waste containers. At Rehrig Pacific we care about efficiency and avoiding waste so much that we created a tracking system just for containers. It would be like if the space program’s real purpose was making better frozen foods, except that our RFID pallet tracking system is actually extremely useful. You’ll always know where your pallets and containers are, which cuts way down on losing stuff.

We all need the Earth to last basically forever. And you need to keep a constant eye on your bottom line. We’re proud to say we can serve both of those goals in ways that not only don’t require sacrifice, but rather make your business more efficient and profitable. Thanks, science!